Specialty Builds

From time to time, a project comes along which doesn’t fit neatly into any category. These are some details of the more memorable ones, and photos if we thought to take them.


F2 is the design, build and installation of a roof deck for a private client in South Boston. It requires a little modification to the existing structure, some special logistics considerations, some specialized structure built, and it has to be as beautiful as the skyline it overlooks.

We also had to make something sure to deal with the environmental stresses which will exist at that height. AKA, it cannot blow away.

After the engineers engineered, insurers insured and permitters permitted, all while lawyers kept lawyering, we were ready to go.

Owing to the nature of roof decks, we first had to overcome a little height issue.

Time to assemble. Workers assemble the steel pieces into roof and supporting structure. The finished space will include a bar area, and – remember – it cannot take flight, so exact placement of upright support is pretty important.

With the roof taking shape, time to take a step under it and hammer out some of the interior details. There’s electrical to run and flooring to replace.

Time to start applying some of the finish touches, like exterior siding.

And it’s teak and mahogany trims. We’ll refinish the existing decking before adding flooring under the overhang. Bar finishing will be added and the interior walls will be closed in.