Home Owner Simple Services

Aw, snap! That cabinet door broke off. That storm door needs to be replaced. That window never worked right. That faucet’s been leaking for two months. That mounting kit for your flat panel TV has been sitting next to the barrels in your garage for nine months. That bathroom door isn’t balanced right, and slowly opens itself. Those deck railings are crying for replacement. Those attic vents are ugly as sin, and bother you every time you pull in the driveway.

You’ve always wanted a built-in unit on that living room wall, or maybe that door to the dining room removed and the wall opened up. Maybe there’s a new 2- or 4-legged addition to your family, and you need some safeties and controls installed.

There are a number of to-do items on every homeowner’s list that seem doomed to perpetual procrastination. Perhaps it’s lack of know-how, lack of tools, or merely lack of willingness. Perhaps it’s an inability to properly estimate time for completion matched with a short attention span, or fear of spousal dissatisfaction. Similarly, every homeowner has a wishlist filled with items that may be much more attainable than you think.

Those home advising sites are all pay-to-play games more concerned with maximizing shareholder value than helping you, and you’re pretty sure that guy from Craigslist that showed up that one time has some, uhh, issues. What’s a homeowner to do?

We can help. We want to help.

We’re offering a simple program that pairs the costs and flexibility of a handyman with the tools, know-how, licenses (and insurances) of a professional contractor. Our program was designed to help with the small items for older folks looking to stay in their homes, professionals with too little time, or uninitiated homeowners more comfortable with a computer keyboard than a drill.


  1. Reach out to us to tell us about your to-do list.
    Fill out the webform below, send us an email, or give us a call during our office hours.
    We’ll confirm that we can help you with your need(s) before we move forward and before you incur any costs.
  2. We’ll confirm with you the specifics of the project(s).
    We may ask you to submit some photographs and/or set up a time to speak about some specific questions.
  3. You set the appointment and make a $100 deposit,  and we will set about acquiring any materials needed when we’re on site.
    Appointments are four (4) hour blocks of time set on the morning or the afternoon of an available weekday. Depending on the nature of your project, two or more appointments may be required and may be staggered to allow for materials to properly set/cure/dry/settle.
    Deposits are non-refundable, but they allow us to be flexible with homeowner rescheduling needs or cancellations. Your deposit will be applied to your bill.
    We prefer to obtain the materials because A) we can ensure/assume responsibility for correctness, B) it ensures that the contractor you’re paying doesn’t have to leave the site during your appointment, and C) we can usually get them with minimal expense. That said, if you already have the materials or have a very strong preference for a certain vendor, we will use your provided materials.
  4. We’ll call you to confirm that your appointment time is still convenient, what your materials costs total, and the total amount due.
    When the materials are acquired, we will touch base with you to confirm this. In the event that materials are back-ordered or damaged during delivery and awaiting replacement, we will let you know.
    If we have a final materials cost figure, we can inform you of your total cost. Payment for the full amount (less your deposit) must be received in advance of services. We can accept card information over the phone, cash or a check upon arrival, or PayPal for you whippersnappers.
  5. We show up at the time and place agreed upon and get to work.
    We know exactly what we’re there to do, and we have all of the tools and materials we need. We prefer if the homeowner, or someone authorized to speak for him/her, is on the site while we are working. If you have back-to-back appointments, an off-site break may be taken between them. If some other need comes up in the appointment window, we will be as flexible as possible in addressing that too.
  6. We clean up and head out.
    We will not treat your home differently than our own. We’ll clean up where we have been working, and will haul away any construction debris.


TIME: Appointments are 4-hour blocks of time, costing a flat rate of $385, plus any material costs. We may be able to further discount services for Senior home owners, disabled home owners, and service-disabled veteran homeowners.

MATERIALS: If your project requires materials, you are billed for them at our cost, plus 10%. Materials are sourced through the same avenues where we source the building materials we use in our commercial and industrial builds and where we have both existing relationships and volume which affords us a bit of clout. The 10% we add covers any procurement, storage, or other logistics costs which may be involved.